When I was a kid I used to watch these great animated shorts on TV called Schoolhouse Rock.  My favorite one was “Conjunction Junction” where I learned all about conjunctions - and, but, and or – and their meanings and use.  (I can still sing the song to this day)....

You graduated high school, you moved out of your parent’s house, you’ve had jobs, relationships, maybe kids, pets, credit cards, and now that you’re officially deep into “adulthood” you’ve done the one thing you swore you would never do - you’ve moved back home.  What’...

My brother’s cat of 17 years passed away this week.  Last August I said good-bye to my dog, Tula, after 12 ½ years together.  They say the hardest part of owning a pet is losing a pet.  And this is true, but it’s also so much more.  While we didn’t actually give birth...

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