Why are you seeking therapy?                                              *Currently not accepting new clients*                                       

​We all go through difficult times in life, regardless of who we are, where we've been, or what we do.  And these days it seems even harder to get our bearings or feel like we can connect to one another. Here's the deal:  I believe that therapy can help us regain that sense of connection and provide us with some much needed support and encouragement to get through whatever it is that life has decided to throw our way.  More importantly, I believe that therapy can strengthen and increase our self-esteem which seems to be continually knocked down by social media, relationships, and life in general. 


​I specialize in working with adolescents and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions.  As your therapist, we will work together to help bridge the gap of where you are and where you want to be.  I believe therapy is a partnership that has to be a good fit for YOU.  I want to provide a place for you to be yourself and help dial down the noise so that you can begin figuring things out.  Sometimes I think that's all we need to help us resolve what we're going through.

  About Art Therapy
So full disclosure:  Yes, I use art, but that doesn't mean you have to.  Promise.  Therapy is about talking and sharing what you're experiencing, but sometimes words can't quite describe what's happening.  For me, art is just another tool to help you explore what is going on and what you're feeling. I also use art myself in session to help illustrate and convey to my clients what I mean. 
Art therapy is not Art with a capital "A" and it has nothing to do with your ability to draw.  Honestly.  It's about communicating not just words, but also images, to help identify your thoughts and behaviors to aid in the healing process.   
    ​Christine Kreger  MA  LMFT  ATR
    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MFC #98448  |  Registered Art Therapist ATCB #16-347
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