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Why are you seeking therapy? 

​We all go through difficult times in life, regardless of who we are, where we've been, or what we do.  And life can have a way of making us feel overwhelmed and numb and disconnected.  Therapy can change that.  It can help us regain that sense of connection and provide us with some much needed support and encouragement.  More importantly, therapy can strengthen and increase our self-esteem and confidence as we navigate our relationships, our jobs, and ultimately what we want for ourselves.


​I specialize in working with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions.  As a licensed therapist and registered art therapist, I believe therapy is a partnership that has to be a good fit for YOU.  A positive therapeutic relationship can help dial down the noise so that you can begin figuring things out and feeling better.  You are the most important part of this equation and finding a therapist who you are comfortable with is everything.  It's why I believe it is a privilege to do the work that I do with my clients. 

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